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I am truly thankful for all the families who have entrusted their precious children to my care over the years.  I am thankful for each smiling face that greets me in the morning and says, "Hi Ms. Evie!".  I maintain a relationship with many of them to this day and get a thrill every time I hear about one of my past students excelling in Kindergarten and beyond. 

Evie Roguske (Ms. Evie)


My son started with Ms. Evie after finishing first grade.  I felt he was behind in math and would benefit from a tutor.  I was unsure where to turn and my son's school lead me in Ms. Evie's direction.  I am so happy that we started with Ms. Evie.  I was only going to have him enrolled during the summer session, but seeing how much her program was helping my son I continued to send him once a week during the school year.  My son really enjoys his time with Ms. Evie.  She has a way of making learning a fun experience.  She is great about sending home work assignments for the week and is always available to answer any questions or concerns.  I would highly recommend her to anyone that is seeking an elementary tutor.

Cheryl, Rochester Hills


Evie Roguske and her ability to nurture and teach children is personally responsible for both my son's ability to get into and excel at top universities in the country and one go on to be successful in medical school.  But even more important than that, is their love for God that Evie reinforced everyday they were with her.

Debbie, Mother of 2, Rochester Hills


I want to thank you for everything you have done for our son the past year and a half. I personally have been grateful for you, your flexibility and the peace of mind knowing he was not only in good hands, but also having fun while I was away. We value the time he has spent with you and hope to have Baby Brother join you sometime in the future.

Rachael, Rochester Hills


I am still reaping the benefits with my 14 yr. old from his preschool days with Ms. Evie. I, like other public educators, still appreciate the long-lasting value of her skills with our little ones. She teaches children their value and worth by being an earthly example of God's love. She provides the necessary structure and discipline with unique affirmation for each child as a loved and respected individual. Her field trips were the best. I loved watching her work her magic with  our little hearts walking outside our bodies. In short, Evie gets it: our offspring are treated as her own. Children feel confident to stretch the envelope of abilities in her safe and nurturing care. My son and I still talk about how Ms. Evie got him to try new things, and made him feel safe to fail. We still sing her songs and sing her glory. She's simply The Best.

Dr. Judyann Zerbo, Rochester Hills  

Preschool / Tutoring

My three children have been through Evie's Preschool programs. For me the best thing about it was how easy it made the transition into kindergarten. It felt great to start school ahead of the rest of the class both socially as well as with math and reading. My ten year old son has remained connected with Evie and has attended her summer tutoring program for the past two years. He currently sees Evie two times a week for extra tutoring and help with his homework. I asked him what it is he likes about having Evie as a tutor. He told me "Ms. Evie makes me feel smart." We are so happy and grateful to have Evie in our lives. 

Colette, Mother of 3, Rochester Hills

Preschool / Tutoring

We were thrilled when an opening became available for our son.  Ms. Evie had so much to offer each child! The Christian values taught daily in her program were a key part in how everyone got along.  Evie amazed us on a regular basis with the content in her program, the supplemental outings and the quality with which every task was performed!

D.R., Mother of 2, Rochester Hills

Childcare / Preschool

I want to thank you Evie, for the love, care, understanding and attention you have given to my daughter over the past several years.  Thanks to you, she is a bright, outspoken, caring individual.  You have truly inspired me and her and we are so glad to have met you.  Your love of children and God has helped many families, but I speak only for myself when I say you are a "Godsend".  You were given a purpose and you are fulfilling it beautifully.  Thank you!

Parveen, Mother of 2, Rochester Hills

Childcare / Preschool

Over the past three years, we have watched our daughters grow and blossom under Evie's care.  With her years of experience comes true joy in working with every child.  I am amazed at how she has helped us with our own unique challenges. Reminding us that God makes every child different and special and that is something to celebrate! The staff is WONDERFUL! Our oldest started at age 18 months and is in her third year of preschool.  Each year offers something different and more challenging and geared towards her needs and abilities, yet with the same caring faces, friends and environment.  I have witnessed three years of "graduations" and seen some of the happiest, well-prepared, kids go off to kindergarten.  Hard to believe we'll be in that group soon!  

Sara, Mother of 2, Rochester Hills

Childcare / Preschool

Two years ago, I enrolled my daughter in Evie's program looking for a highly competent child care provider with credible experience in early childhood development.  With equal importance, I was looking for someone who could offer their experience in a loving and individualized manner according to the needs of my child. Evie has more than met my hopes and expectations; my daughter looks forward to her time with The Purple Gang and staff! Evie has furthered my daughter's development while providing a fun, safe, and loving environment for her. I'm so grateful!

Jessie, Mother of 3, Lake Orion

Childcare / Preschool

We came from Germany when I was pregnant with my second child.  We were not very happy about all the daycares we saw and interviewed for our first child, until we met Evie. Right from the first meeting and the first day our child started we felt very comfortable to leave our kids (now 2 of them) in her friendly and loving hands. Evie's Purple Gang team is well organized, provides impressive learning results and extra-ordinary fun events. Our kids love going there and we are very satisfied to leave our most valuable one's in their capable hands.  

F.W. Mother of 2, Rochester Hills

Childcare / Preschool

I am always bragging about how wonderful my son's experience was with Evie's Purple Gang to people here in Indiana.  I have never found such a great teacher for our second child as Evie was for our first.  I wish she had been able to be with you also. 

L White, Mother of 2, Indiana

Childcare / Preschool

Thank you again for ALL of your time, your recommendations and your correspondence. You were a wonderful resource and because of you I was able to make a very informed decision. I will definitely keep you in mind for our future needs and highly recommend you to anyone seeking nursery/pre-school day care referrals. It was evident (based on my MANY calls to other day care providers) that you, are very good at what you do.

Tara F, Mother of one too young for Evie's right now, Rochester Hills
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