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Do you provide a Parent Handbook?
Yes. Any interested parent may call and set up a 10-15 minute visit to check out my home, location and pick up my "Parent Handbook" folder.  Sorry, I do not mail them out.  FYI, most questions you might have are answered in detail in my Parent Handbook.

Can you provide references? Absolutely! Upon Request. You can also read my testimonials from current and past parents.

When does Preschool Start and End? We follow the Rochester Community School calendar year, which is 41 weeks.

Do you offer a Summer Program? Yes! My goal during the summer months is to give the children an opportunity to enjoy all the fun summertime has to offer. We spend a great deal of time outside and encourage the children to sign up for a variety of summer classes for which I am willing to provide transportation.  Read more about my Summer Program.

How many spots do you have available? Availability is limited to 6 students per class.  I do keep a waiting list when all my spots are full.  Please contact me for current availability.

How do you discipline the children?: We use redirections and warnings as reminders before using the Time Out method.  These methods are repeated as often as necessary throughout the course of a day.

Do you have a "sick policy"? Yes! All parents must agree to my sickness policy that states they will not bring their children if they have anything on my stated symptoms lists the night before coming.  This list is found in my "Parent Handbook" under sickness policy.  

I provide daily disinfecting cleaning on all surface areas use by the children and a weekly cleaning of all the toys.  We rotate each time we disinfect so the children will be excited about the "new" toys they get to play with. 

What sort of diet do you feed the children? I am part of a government food program called Association for Child Development (ACD) that subsidizes me for providing healthy meals and snacks.  I use 3 weeks of menu plans that have been approved by ACD.  I provide breakfast, 2 snacks and hot lunch if your child is here during that time frame.
Each child gets a lesson sheet that corresponds to their skill level.
How do you keep parents involved and up to date about what the children are learning in Preschool?:
Many ways!  I hold two parent meetings a year where we discuss curriculum, and a wide variety of other topics including ways you can stay involved in their learning at home.  For preschoolers, daily lesson worksheets are sent home most days which describe the activities the children particpated in that day (crafts, learning activities, stories, songs-finger plays etc.).  I provide a monthly calendar and newsletter which highlights special days and events.  I hold a VIP Day in September where the children get to bring a "Very Important Person" to Preschool for the day....often times this is a parent, although it can be any adult.  Finally, I encourage parents to participate in our off-site fieldtrips whenever possible.

Once you decide to visit a childcare setting, you may want to check out this "Childcare Check List" to help you on your visit.  There are some great quesitons to ask and reminders of things to
observe.  A very handy tool!

Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

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